The Collegium Bobolanum is a part of the Catholic Academy in Warsaw, Poland. It was launched by the Holy See in 1988. The Faculty is recognized by the Polish state and has the right to confer master degrees in theology and bachelor degrees in political studies and Christian pedagogy. The College also provides canonical licentiate in theology (STL), doctoral (STD) and postdoctoral diploma in theology (habilitation).

The Collegium Bobolanum has a long tradition, dating back to small primary school founded in Połock (now in the territory of Belarus) in the year 1580 by Fr. Piotr Skarga S.J. This school gradually transformed to theological faculty in  1737 and the Połock Academy in 1812. The College, originally educated young Jesuits only; after various transformations, it finally moved to Warsaw and expanded its educational offerings.

The Bobolanum College offers studies in theology for those who wish to deepen the Christian vision of reality, as well as to serve their theological knowledge - in the Church, in the media and educational institutions. An important task of the Collegium Bobolanum is the search for truth; conducting research in the field of theology and other ecclesiastical sciences, to explain the content of faith and express it in language understandable to the modern person, to support theological reflection for pastoral purposes.

The Bobolanum College also offers education in political studies. Studies combine knowledge of political science, economics, social and legal issues. It allows students to learn about the history of the international community dawn to present times, to understand the mechanisms that govern it, especially in relation to the countries of Eastern Europe, whose importance in European politics continues to increase. Moreover, students explore subjects of personal and social safety, and learn how to design and implement various projects aimed at developing local communities. Political Science Graduates may find employment in government institutions, as administration staff of emergency response teams, as part of the security structures of economic organizations, etc.

The Bobolanum College also offers education in Christian pedagogy.

An important task of the Collegium Bobolanum is shaping the attitudes that promote Christian, universal human, civil and patriotic values - in a spirit of dialogue with other Churches and religions, contemporary culture and other scientific disciplines.

The distinguishing feature of the Collegium Bobolanum compered to other universities is its person-centered approach, close cooperation between professors and students, and friendly environment. Students have easy access to teaching staff and may establish personal relationships with each other. Among Jesuits working in the Collegium Bobolanum there are experienced spiritual directors who may help in addressing life's problems and finding the will of God in the way of personal life.


Why is it worth studying with us?

Why with us, at the Catholic Academy in Warsaw - Collegium Bobolanum?
The Collegium Bobolanum, which is one of the two sections of the Catholic Academy in Warsaw, is a university that grants, both state (guaranteed by the law and regulated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education) and church (on papal rights), internationally recognized academic degrees and qualifications. Full-time studies are free of charge for students with Polish citizenship, and foreign students pay only 100 zł per semester (term), there are two semesters in an academic year. We provide social benefits and scientific scholarships to full-time and extramural students. We are in an excellent location with access by underground (Metro Pole Mokotowskie), bus (119, 130, 138, 167, 168, 174, 200, N34, N36) and tram (17, 33, 41). The journey from the university to the Central Railway Station in the centre takes around 20 minutes. Even on weekends and public holidays, trams run more often than every 10 minutes and stop at the very entrance to the university. The university is located in one building, next to the national shrine of St. Andrzej Bobola, near a large Warsaw park (Pole Mokotowskie) and near the National Library. At the Rakowiecka Street there are many shops, cafes, bars, pharmacies, a photocopying point and other service points that give students the opportunity to spend their free time, run errands or eat a meal and socialize. At the university there is a friendly atmosphere where everyone knows one another and each student has direct access to every professor, university authorities and settling all matters in a student-friendly secretariat. This is one of the reasons why we do not have entrance exams for candidates for some courses but rather invite the candidate to a recruitment interview. We have a wide range of full-time and part-time studies, academic degrees, courses and conferences, adapted to every age, state and lifestyle. We have the only University of the Third Age in Warsaw that is also oriented towards spiritual matters.

We offer the opportunity to study two courses at the same time and obtain a professional bachelor's degree in political science in 3 years and a master's degree in theology within 5 years. The second course you do is free of charge You can also do a Trainer Course and obtain a Trainer Diploma. We are the only university which offers 5-year part-time studies in theology (extramural) studying on Saturdays only (both classes and lectures). Our university also offers the opportunity to study the Holy Scriptures (Jesuit Bible School) and ancient biblical languages: biblical Hebrew, ancient Greek and Latin. The classes are set in a theological context and are conducted by high-class biblical scholars.

We offer the possibility of an individual course of studying, at the same time ensuring a high level of education and a favourable climate for intellectual and spiritual development. We offer a tutoring model in which the student's leading professor adjusts the pace and scope of studies to the student's abilities and talents. In this way, the student is better motivated and has the opportunity to continuously use the professor's experience in developing their potential.

During the studies, the university offers attractive student work practice and internships in Poland and abroad. Many lectures are conducted by Jesuits formed in the order and educated at the world's best universities. Our university has a nearly five century-old tradition dating back to 1580, when Fr. Piotr Skarga SJ founded the Jesuit College in Połock. Since then, we started gathering experience in how to best prepare the students for life. We are one of over a hundred universities run all over the world by the Jesuit Order, which at the end of the 16th century established the world standards of modern higher education tested over the centuries and used to this day, e.g. in the education of the Jesuits.

Our university is embedded in the Jesuit model of education, which cares for the overall development of the person, not limited to the intellectual sphere. An individual approach and a high level of education and creativity create a favourable climate for intellectual and spiritual development of the students. We provide the opportunity to develop scientifically in the Student Clubs: "Bible and the Middle East" Scientific Circle and "Sapere Aude" Student Scientific Circle, operating in the areas of social sciences and theology. At the university there is access to the Bobolanum Library which contains all the necessary study materials, has an online catalogue, a possibility to borrow books or just read them in our comfortable reading room,.

Studying with us creates an opportunity to go on missions and join the Jesuits' evangelization work in various parts of the world. The programme is run jointly with the Jesuit Social Center "W Akcji". Academic Chaplaincy "Dąb" provides spiritual care and gives students the opportunity to join the life of the community and take part in attractive trips, meetings and activities. You can also join the various ministries operating at the Parish and the Sanctuary of St. Andrzej Bobola. Tradition and modernity, a friendly atmosphere, solid classical knowledge combined with vividly discussed problems in the field of faith, ethics and culture, make up the unique character of Collegium Bobolanum.



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